Applying for Secondary School-11-09-2017

Applying for Secondary School!


Kai has only been back to school 2 days now and we got the letter to start to apply for secondary school.

Kai’s headmistress thinks Kai should go to St Philips school which is a school for children with learning difficulties.

It looks like the right school for Kai, However, how do I apply?

The list only shows mainstream school.  It is crazy we make it so hard for parents in the UK to find out what is best for our own children.

I contact Kai’s school today to find out what is happening as there is nothing in the letter.

It makes no senses that they always send out the same letters to everyone.

Why don’t they send out a letter to parents of children with learning difficulties to say what will happen?

Why do we need to chase?

I know these are all questions to me. not sure if your reading this if you have the same issues.

The UK is far better than everywhere I have lived in the passed for kids with ASD and LSD but it defiantly can be far better. I guess it is overstretched with kids who can’t speak English as well as so many children with LSD these days.

But its not really an excuse, if we decide to take children from other nationalities in local school then we need to provide for them.

The government keeps going on that these people pay more tax that they take out.

If this is the case where is the money for the schools to provide for them.

Most countries I have lived in don’t take kids from overseas at local school.

This means you need to pay for international school or private school.

Maybe this is something the UK should look at to make schools better.

I know it may not sound fair but it is because most UK families have paid tax for years and if you move to a country where you have paid no tax or little and get the same benefits that is not really fair and pushes local families out or restrict the benefits of the local children and the help.

So either we increase tax on everyone to pay for it or we cut services. To me cutting services is wrong.

I really hope Kai will get the school he deserves.

I hope he is not turned down due to lack of funding.

Sorry for the rants. I am not a racist person also so please don’t think I am for my EU comments.

These are more for the government.  I know they won’t answer.

Nevertheless, I am trying to figure out if there is more paid in why are we still getting the cuts.





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