Back to school in a few days -05-09-2017

Kai and Ted will go back to school in a few days.

Worry setting in, well its now September and Kai and Ted will be going back to school.  Kai will start P6 and Ted will be P4. This means Kai only has one more year of Jnr school left.

I worried well Kai will go to the next school without Ted. What secondary school shall I send Kai too? Do we look at a regular mainstream school as his in one now.

Do we send Kai to a special needs school?  If so where will we send Ted to school and they will be apart longer.

I have learning difficulties and went to a mainstream school, but my difficulties are different to Kais.

Kai is also still waiting for his ECHP will he get it before the End of P6. I will fight for this tooth and nail even if I have to call and mail the school every day. I will fight to get it.

ECHP as I have said before will help Kai get the support he needs in his next school. It will also give us priority on a school we think fits Kai.  Hopefully the school wont be able to reject him.

I don’t want Kai to struggle any more than he needs to in Secondary school, I know how I struggled and I don’t want this for Kai.

Bullying will this happen to Kai?


So many questions, I am asking myself. Why are so many thoughts going through my mind.

What are you thinking? do you have any thoughts or going through the same things please reply below.


Kai was bullied some time back in Singapore, and I really don’t want this to happen again.



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