DLA Finally came

Well I have not wrote for a while as I have just started a new job and its been crazy busy. However, I got some good news the other day and Kai finally now is treated as a British person. This country makes me sick some times we seem to give so much to other people but our own we treat as second class citizens. Well I am glad no longer for Kai he was awarded middle rate DLA, although I did not apply for the money but the support he gets with getting DLA I really cannot understand this country your refused help everywhere unless you get DLA.


Kai struggles with almost everything I life and even if we go to places he might have a melt down and have to leave if I say his disabled and has ASD no one believes me or ask for DLA all there disabled policies say show us proof in the form of a dr’s letter or DLA its crap. why can’t people just believe you.

Well now it should get better for Kai I am so glad.


Well at least until Kai is 14 thats when we need to apply again. I am sure by then more of the austerity would of kicked in and were only be giving it to EU nationals or others and brits again will be punished or maybe Corbyn will be in and just handing out stupid amounts for votes. I am not sure what is better or worse. Nevertheless, Kai can count himself lucky that his finally got something to help him lets hope it stays around for the future.

I don’t want Kai to rely on hand outs and I want him to work but I also need to know he will be taken care of when I am no longer around.



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