I am getting really worried at the moment as Kai still does not have his ECHP and he should of applied for secondary school by now or his Special school should be named on his ECHP I was told he would get it in October it is now Nov and his still not got it.

This is really sad the school said that Kingston council has to put him in school but I know better than that as when I moved back to the UK no school wanted to take him even the school his in now ummed and r’d about taking him. This country really has a lot to answer for the way it treats disabled children.

I am more worried about the future than now maybe they know the dole and benefits will go and all of the disabled will just end up on the streets and they really don’t care about it as long as there happy. The head teachers just blame the tories when really they are axing teachers and sen budgets to pay themselves nice fat salaries why complaining.

I will go and see the school again on the 20th of Nov but I am sure nothing will happen.



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