Feelings of parents of children with autism and the articles I wrote. 15-08-2017

Autism and our support for our children.

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As I have wrote in articles about autism, Grief,Denial, Anger.

All parents of a child with an autism has at some time experienced doubt the above.

I wrote all of the guides above to show us parents that we are not alone in these feelings.

From my own experience also that the people who work with children and families with Autism are with us.

I have read many articles on this and have also been with Kai to many of his speech and social skills classes.

All of Kai’s teachers have been very supportive.

I just wish it was easier to access the services our children need. With the cutbacks in the UK many services have been cut.

If you are reading my blog I know I am hear for you also if you want to contact me I am always free. Terry.Jago@autismdaddy.xyz.

Nevertheless, I know you have also provided the best foundation possible for your child. You are also giving them a safe and lovely home and trying 110% its hard to look after children without ASD.

The reason I wrote the articles about autism

I am writing this blog to show how its like to live with a child with autism.

Furthermore, also to express my help and knowledge and also to make it fun.  I said before also what we go through.

But,I know I cannot provide help for the whole country.

Nevertheless, if you live in the Kingston Area of London then I can help as I know I have struggled a lot and thought for the help. Also feel free to drop me a line if you live anywhere in the UK or around the world It would be nice to hear from you even if its just to say this blog is crap. If you need some one to talk to, to through a tantrum ( don’t do it to your family little one husband or wife you can chuck it my way)  or just to say hello.

It would be great to hear from you.

It would also be good if you get in touch and maybe we can meet and have a social gathering for our children.

I’m sure we all also feel that we can be happy and fulfilled. With our love for our child or children.

Moreover, we still need the support of others wether it be from professionals or people going through what were going through.

If you think you are failing, as the saying goes or song. Pick your self up and try again.

You know your little one better than anyone and you know your always do a wonderful job no matter what.

Stay strong and positive.





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