Good news

So we went to get hirokos visa yesterday and that was all approved she has another 30 months in the UK and then we can apply for Leave to Remain. So alot more work to do there but everything is falling in to place I am glad.

We have a meeting today with the school and council to go over Kais draft ECHP so hopefully that goes well and we get everything that he needs. I am sure there will be something missing but anything will be good.

We got the written confermation the other day that Kai got into St phillips so we are very happy, the other day was just verbal so having it in writting is more amazing and a massive weight off our mind so now everything has really fell into place since moving back from Asia.

I am not sure I need to ask for anything else now a happy family is a happy life. so I am so over the moon its been a hard run and I am sure there will be more hard times to come with looking at Kai and what he will do after school is finished but that still is a long way to go also are we making the right choice to send him to special school and how looking at Ted and making sure we do t he right things by him. I always fell I go on about Kai and I must remember Ted too and no niglect him.

This is one very hard thing about special needs parenting. Treating everyone the same. But I think were getting there and even moving is good as Ted can stay in the same school and keep his friends rather than move.

So that is good for him.

Well I guess I have to take a look at what to write about its always easy to write when things are going bad but when things are good what does one write about. #


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