Hard at the moment

I really am beginning to wonder why I moved back to the UK, My job life is getting better since leaving RBS, and I am really doing well with my new company. I am respected. But when it comes round to my wife and Kai I really wonder if I made the right choice.


Yep Kai does football and Rugby most weekends, did Social skills classes and also now Art therapy, but with all the cuts I wonder if he will ever get his EHCP, it still has not come in, then there is my wife visa situation, my wife is Japanese and needs a spouse visa to be here. I just heard that if you move companies you need 6 months of payslips of your new company I don’t have that then there is the English requirements, the money is not the issue I earn more than the 18,500 a year to get my wife in, its just all the other things amongst the stress.


Why do we treat our own people like this, we seem to give so much to everyone else and leave our own people to hang out to dry. the Japanese would never do this. If I was Spanish, French or German, married to a Japanese lady I would be fine, but as I am British, no recourse to benefits, your wife has to learn English and you have to earn, help your son and your wife get on and then if anything we don’t like get out of the country.


It is really making me mad, sad and feel like all we care about is cost cutting and telling all our people to take a long running job and say its your fault you voted Brexit you voted to be poorer.

This is total pants people voted Brexit to be treated fair.  I still wonder if Brexit would happen and still don’t believe it will but until it does I implore the British government to do the right thing for British people married to overseas people and help to keep them together, hope the people and their disabled children. I feel if we had helped the British people a bit more there would of been no reason to have Brexit.

We have been left to hang out to dry many of us paying huge amounts of tax, but eeking through life, as rent is expensive, visas are expensive, help for our kids is expensive and then we get penalised because our wife not speak English, more courses needed more hard earned money on the movement to keep our families together.

Then there is back to school, when is the EHCP coming, we posted it, were gathering more information, were on it thats all you hear, lack of funding its on hold.  you can’t skip the queue there are people before you.  Thats all we here, council tax goes up, income tax goes up. all that happens is MPs and people up the top paying themselves more why leaving the laymen to suffer.


Yep Singapore had its issues, but at least if I would of been Singaporean, I would of got help I was an overseas person there I got nothing. Hong Kong the same I was an overseas person there I got nothing unless I paid for it. USA I got nothing, NZ I got nothing. but again they all helped there own people. I had no excuse to complain I was a guest in their country. But since I moved back to the UK, I feel I am now a guest here rather than British.


This is so sad that they treat us and our kids this way the future of our country, if you get the help they need early they will grow up and work and pay in, if they keep this up there will be no  work to do.


Sorry about the rant, but I am so sad and upset today over the wait for the EHCP and also the English test for my wife and the waiting around.


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