How is Kai doing?

Lately I have been asked a lot how Kai is doing?

Kai is really improving its been a while since I last wrote. But Kai is routinely attending football at the weekend and Rugby too now.

I am seeing vast improvements from him esp in his gross motor-skills and strength.

Kai still finds it hard in busy surroundings and when we get the bus asks lots of questions.

Nevertheless, he seems to respond a lot more when I answer his questions. He still repeats himself, he is also going back to drama therapy.

I was so pleased to see a glowing report also with them. We are so happy that we will send Kai away on his last year of school, school trip. I think his going to Swanage I really hope he has a good time.

I went there as a kid with my school and enjoyed it I still have many fond memories. I really hope Kai will have some.

I cannot believe its Jan already and Kai only has a few more months left of primary school, its hard to believe where the time goes.





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