Kai on the bus!

Massive weekend

We had a massive weekend last weekend.  Kai was invited by Fulham football club to play at half time with Active Autism. Active Autism is from the Fulham foundation the charitable arm of Fulham FC. Going to the ground my wife took us half the way and we jumped on the bus for the other half of the trip.

Kai says Im disabled daddy I will sit there.

Kai is making a Hugh amount of noise as he loves the bus, Kai says bus daddy does this bus go to Fulham, “no Kai it goes to Putney Bridge”, I say.

“but were going to Fulham”, Kai Said, “Yes Kai”, “Fulham is the other side of Putney Bridge and we can walk to the ground”.  By this time you can see the rage in the old mans face.

Kai lets go Kai no daddy I look out the window I sit here I am disabled. the man said “F**King kid shut up. Kai says daddy that man is naughty he swear he is bad. the man is shouting now. Kai says “are you old enough to swear”.

Kai with Billy the Badger Fulham FC mascot.

Kai naught man swear at me

I say “come on Kai lets get off the bus”. We get off near the Barclays in Putney. Kai said naughty man swear at me I am disabled I can sit in that chair. I said yes Kai some people don’t understand.  Lets not let it ruin our day.

You will play at half time Kai that is a very good experience you will have you will have fun swear is bad but not everyone understands about Autism and older people don’t understand. Kai you need to learn about stranger danger. Don’t try to argue or speak to people you don’t know I saw it can be dangerous.


Ok now I get why daddy.

“Have you heard stranger danger at school or don’t take sweets from strangers”, I say no daddy Kai I have told you this before. “no daddy” he says. Ok kai I will tell you no and again. Please don’t argue with strangers it could be bad and just try to stay away. I know you love the bus and are excited when your on them, but try to understand there are people around you.

“Ok daddy, can I have sweets”, he says. OK Kai but we need to get to the cafe to pick up our tickets for today’s game.

We have to meet Colin to get the tickets and find out what is going on. this is were we meet Billy the Badger above and Kai has his picture taken, Kai says hello mr skunk Kai his not a skunk his a badger, but his black and white says Kai his a skunk. no Kai his a badger.

OK can I have sweets. Daddy ok kai lets go and get a drink for the game and a snack. We meet some people from the Fulham foundation football skills and tournament Kai was on the other day, it was very bus the cafe so it was night to meet them and sit with them as they had a table.

I told them what had happened, they said these sort of things happen to them too. People think everyone are the same and should act the same. However, autistic people don’t and usually say and do what they think this is even more so expressed  when they are excited.

I get a coffee and Kai gets a snickers and a orange juice and we finally get up and go in the ground.

Kai is really excited he is waring his red Fulham Kit and his S-league tee-shirt underneath, the S-league is the Singapore football league and his old team he liked woodlands wellingtons we used to go and see them play in Singapore when we lived there. Kai wanted to show them off so he wore that shirt other than his white Fulham top. He does not like the white Fulham top though and only likes his red one as he thinks its a Liverpool Shirt. lol.

While growing up in Asia there was only Liverpool, Chelsea or Man Utd to support and I hate Chelsea and Man U so I said he can be a Liverpool supporter. I am also a Liverpool supporter so its good he supports them. nevertheless, while growing up in the UK Fulham was my local team and went to see them sometimes, so its great that Kai is now with Fulham Foundation and Active Autism and that he gets this experiences.


Video of Kai and his team at craven cottage half time.

It would be nice if Kai can get to do this again in future but if not then at least he has had some great experiences. In Singapore he got to walk the players there out a few times and got to play on the pitch at craven cottage so I am sure he won’t forget this in a hurry. but I do hope he forgets the silly man who swore at him.

I also hope when he finally goes to school by himself or goes out, he will remember stranger danger and stay away from people.

How did you teach your child Stranger Danger?






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