Kai and Ted are back!-26-08-2017

A few days away


Kai and Ted have been at my sisters for a few days. Should we send Kai we thought to ourselves.

Nevertheless, we sent him in the end and he had a really good time.

Kai and Ted don’t see their cousin that much as they live near the south coast in Eastbourne.

Although its only about 1hr and a half drive to two hour drive away.

We should probably go there more, its just having the time.

Kai and Ted played a lot of games and played out side, My sisters first words were boy your boys are good eaters.

They are they eat anything which is what I am proud of. I hear many kids these days will only eat, pizza, burger and chips or nuggets.

We try only every now and then to feed them these things. Kai and Ted are of a Japanese mother so eat all sorts since they were born.

There favourite foods are Natto, or Fermented Soya beans. They love sushi and curry rice.

But the funniest thing or thing I could not get was the next sentence I heard was below.

“My sister said they were all as good as gold and did not hear a peep out of them”

Wow how could that be I am thinking, as they have only been back a day and there was fighting in the car.

furthermore, the meltdown have started again this morning over games and TV. I guess back to the routine it has been knocked out.

The reluctance

But I am glad they had fun at my sisters. Kai and Teds cousin Jack will come to stay with us on Tuesday, so a lot to plan for but I really think it will be great for Kai to have these social experiences. Although I said we were reluctant at first but it seems to have been great for him. I hope we can do more stay overs going forward.

I hope also with these experiences when he goes back to school he will be able to make more friends.

Looking into the sea
Kai and Ted Looking at the Sea.

Kai was showing his bus knowledge to his cousin Paul yesterday to, he knows all the buses in this area and beyond.

Paul Said “What bus goes to Putney?”, Kai said “85 Bus”

and the next question “What bus goes to Kingston?” Kai said 71, K1,465″ That’s right Kai

The next question “What bus goes to uncle Kens and Fulham?” Kai said 265 bus That’s right

If you ever need a bus or train ask Kai his like an encyclopaedia for the transport system in London.

Beach Eastbourne
Kai eating ice cream on the beach

Before going home, we decide to take the kids to the beach. Eastbourne has a pebble beach, but it being about 26c and a nice day. We have not had to many of them in the UK this year.

Relaxing on the beach

Its a day to spoil Kai and Ted and Jack well it is the summer holiday so we head down to the beach. its lunch time and we go to the beach near the shellfish shop. there is a burger and pizza show there, Kai says can I have pizza. Jack and Kai want a burger and chips and ice cream. so we grab lunch there and go sit on the beach.

Eastbourne beach
Big Ted on the Beach

Kai, Ted and Jack throw stones in to the sea, while Hiroko and me relax


Hiroko is having fun with Pocky while the kids are playing. It is really nice to see

Kai also having fun with Jack and Ted Playing with the water and throwing stones.

Eastbourne Beach
Hiroko on the beach

We stay at the beach for a few hours before driving back to Claire’s and then back to London.

Back at Claires’ and Lily awake we see them before going back to London.

Kai says he had fun and wants to go again.

Hopefully we can take him and ted again in October, Nevertheless,

There is lots to plan and do next week. When Jack visits us.

Jack is coming next week.


Kai and Ted are excited. So were planning what to do. My friend will also visit with her kids.

So maybe we can all go to the museum or if its nice weather the park.

Has your little one had a stay over with friends of family if so how did it go?






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