Kai went to a birthday party again

Kai went to another Birthday party the other day,  I am so glad other children are inviting him. The party was for a child called Adam, he seems to like Kai and get on well with him.

As many autism children Kai hardly gets invited to parties. So I am always pleased when he gets the odd invite, it gives you hope that there are good people in the world.

The party was at a paintball / laser quest place near cobham. It was quite nice and we had fun. It was a little cold but the kids enjoyed themselves and made an effort to look out for Kai.

Kai had a bit of a meltdown was it was cold and would not eat, so I had to help feed him. Kai is now 10 years old so I feel strange that I need to feed him when he has a melt down I guess the other kids would feel Kai is a baby and not sure what the other parents would feel. but Kai was not being naughty he just did not know how to express himself.

you can really see the difference in other kids when your child is like this. How would you handle the melt down, it would be far easier not to take him to the party but I want for Kai what every kid wants, to be included. Kai has cried so many times when Ted goes to parties and Kai says why I can’t go to parties why no one invites me so this time Kai was so happy to be invited but he does not always know how to express himself. I guess other kids see this and don’t want to include him.

That makes me so sad also.


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