Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I would like to thank you all for following my blog over the last year, sorry I have not wrote much over the last few months. I have started a new job and its been very busy.

Kai really enjoyed himself today, playing and having fun with his new xbox and wii u games.

Kai will struggle I know to go back to school after the holiday as we all know children with Autism like a stable routine but as long as his ok now.

Today has gone really well really and no meltdowns which is good. I guess Santa did bring hims mainly what he wanted. 🙂

I don’t believe in buying a lot for Christmas as I find it so commercial now days, I am not really religious either but Christmas is a time for reflection to me and a time when we can look back and reflect on what has happened over the year and how we can look to improve on it next year. it sounds like its along way away when I write it like that haha yet we all know there is only a few days left of the year.


What will you try to do better next year.

I really hope to better look out for Kai and Ted esp that Kai will be starting secondary school and depending on that and if we move Ted may also need to start a new school. God I really hope not as I will hate to move them both again esp that  Ted has met friends now.

I hope to chase more about Kai EHCP and hope he can get it asap. We had the meeting the other day as I said but its still not fully finished.

I hope to be more optimistic too next year.


We peace out and have a good new year.


Terry Hiroko Kai and Ted



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