How to spot the Early signs of Autism

Autism diagnosis early

Its very hard to ID autism, we found this ourselves with Kai, I think some people are lucky and their children get diagnosed at an early age. I have been doing a lot of reading up on Autism since Kai was diagnosed, This is one thing I found and what we did in the end when we moved back. Kai has had a lot of difficulties and I think one of the things that hindered our diagnosis of Kai was we moved around a lot. So since moving back to the uk, we built a close relationship with our paediatrician, so we would defiantly recommend doing this. Ask for a referral to Cahms as soon as possible. Don’t take no for an answer. We had a number of diagnosis in Singapore and Hong Kong and they were not what we thought. So we kept pushing. Ring the Dr and the school every week if you have too. Kai was diagnosed within a year of moving back to the UK that is very fast for the UK because we kept on pushing. If you feel that your child needs help  only  You and your GP are in the right situation to diagnose autism early. As I have said also there have been a number of reports and blogs on diagnosis early of autism. However, I am unsure the best so this is why I am writing my own blog on this and my own experience as many are written for the USA and I don’t see so many in the UK. The USA money seems to talk were as in the UK its the other way, if you do things private then unless you send to a private school the report seems worthless. I did ask when we moved back to push things quicker could we go private to which the SEN and head teachers at Kai’s school said no as your trying to jump in front of people who can’t afford to go private which makes sense. Nevertheless, it does not help Kai.

I would also look at the key factors and signs of autism, as autism is a spectrum this again can be hard. Maybe people look at the social aspects only and think if their son / daughter is social they may not have autism or of their son / daughter is not social then this is autism this is not the case there are many other factors involved this is just one of them.  Moreover this is still the easy part.

The hard part really is trying to get your Cahms department and your school to recognise the diagnosis and also help with the support as well as using the council for the money for the sen support. Then there is the case of the EHCP or Educational Health Care Plan.   Its been two years in the UK and we still have not got this, I know many people still waiting for this who have lived in the UK all their lives. I am still pushing and hope to get this in October or November for Kai before Kai broke up I think almost all of the report was done it just needed the physio report so when Kai goes back to school in September I will be pushing for this as we need it for Kai’s secondary school so we don’t need to push for the SEN support and money. we had to write to the MP to get the funding for Kai at his local school.

Why is it so hard to get a diagnosis

looking back as the diagnosis of autism I was reading the other day that the key signs relate to language development and social deficits that include delayed or absent joint attention  and that the children appear to lack connectedness. They well also like to be alone and will now do any eye contact.

Furthermore, they will maintain social contact and gestures, talk and make eye contact with any of their peers.  I have been reading also that the delays can be seen in children less than one year of age.

it is said by the age of one also that children with prompts will look in the area of their parents and also look at there parent pointing and share the same expressions.

There are many more I would suggest to read a book called autism guide for more details.  they talk about high functioning autism too, they also talk about milestones and hand flapping , meltdowns that we all know about and why they happen. I have gone into this before. Frustration and many other factors.

putting all these signs together we can therefore suggest autism as a cause. I would also say if you think your son / daughter has autism don’t be scared don’t think why me consult your GP / paediatrician asap and get a referral to cahms if your son / daughter is in school contact your kids school sen department — DON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!


If your looking for early diagnosis then again contact the GP / paediatrician asap and — DONT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!  The earlier the diagnosis the better for you. The better for support later on. Good Luck and all the best for you and your little one.









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