Well its actually been a good few weeks.

Well not sure where to start — But its been a great few weeks.


I guess first and foremost Kai has finally been told in formally that he will go to St Philips School in Chessington, they will offer him a place.

I guess now we just need to get on to the council and chase this up I guess we will be told at the end of May on this. Well this is one thing off our minds.

We will also move house in May so very happy about that, the only thing were have to sort out who will pay for Kai’s transport to his new school in September as were moving council Epsom and Ewell council should pay for it for us. I will keep chasing on this but a few things less to worry about, I called the council and they said as long as were happy to take Ted to school then he can stay where he is so this is good too. As Ted has made so many friends.


The one thing I am worried about though is Hiroko’s visa as the UK government has become very racist and I am unsure if we can get her new visa well we will find out in May the 10th wish us luck.  We have done all the forms paid the huge amount of money for the NHS and visa. So its just a waiting game now.


Well if this happens then it will be the best year ever if not then I guess we may have to all move back to Japan. fingers crossed we don’t have to as it will be very hard for Kai and Ted as they don’t speak Japanese.

And the whole year will be waisted. 🙁

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